Building the Safari

Creating the gallery for the photo safari gallery was actually very fun! I was feeling a little lazy and decided to go around my house and even outside a bit to capture complete this assignment. For many of the photos, I had to really think of how I was going to convey or easily tell what is going on with what I had around the house. For some of the photos, it was tricky to figure out how to position the camera or how to capture the photo exactly as I wanted to.

I had taken two or three pictures of almost all of images in the photo safari. This allowed me to have just one of each subject to choose from and uploaded the ones I thought were the best and fulfilled the goals properly. I really liked the “Take a photo of a repeating pattern”, “Take a photo that represents joy” and “Make an inanimate object look alive”. These three requiered me to be very creative to make it work and I really like how they turned out. But byfar, I think the photo that represents joy is my most favorite just becuase I really enjoy looking at the current state and progression of this project build.

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