All of my Hellos

Speaking on any social media platform is never very easy, especially when I have to use my name, face, or voice. I guess with Facebook, it’s unavoidable as using my face and name is literally the entire point of the site. But I don’t have much confidence or desire to really show myself like that. Even for all of my accounts, I actually have drawings I’ve made as my profile pictures and they represent who I am. I will do whatever I need to for the sake of this class, and also I hope that with time, it’ll all become easier and much more natural.

Regardless, I find that here on Twitter is much easier to post and communicate. I feel that I still hide a bit but still have a voice to present my feelings and opinions. But I know that overall, using Twitter will be very good and I like being able to follow literally every content creator I like, as they all have their own accounts.

Because of how similar Flickr seems to be to Instagram (so far) I think I’m going to really enjoy using this platform as I already like to post pictures of my art, general pictures and of the things that make me happy. I have a link that takes you to my about page where I do an introduction there.

I this is going to be one of the most difficult platforms I use. I’m not new to using SoundCloud, as I like to create playlists and follow other musicians I like who post here. But I this is the first where I’ve put my actual voice onto the web and I just hope it becomes easier with time.

An this is going to be the most difficult to post and add content to. Especially if creating and posting YouTube is going to involve always being in front of the camera and speaking. I really do like to draw, if I can record a drawing process of some of my work, I’d be more than happy to do this instead! But in it’s own way, I think it’ll be more beneficial for me to actually do videos with me in them, so I can feel more comfortable and work on all of the insecurities.

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