TED and Scottlo Summary

Here during the TED Radio hour, we are introduced to Sherry Turkle who studied the behavior of elderly men and women who interacted with comfot or support robots that allow them to be social and allow them to have that connection and help them open up and in this case, be able to talk about their feelings without limits.

Listening very intently to the quality of this audio and the way he introduced Turkle, the way the background music played and there were excerpts from the elderly woman from the nursing home made me feel like I was there with them. It also felt like I was listening to a documentary as well. It all sounded very professional and well edited together.

I also wan to take note on the tone and manner Ted was speaking as well. It didn’t seem like he was just babbling or telling us what was happening. It truly felt like he knew exactly what to say and it was all in a very informative tone. I left this audio recording feeling like I just learned something new from a coversation rather than a lecture.

As for Scottlo, I really enjoyed listening to Episode 9 from the week 3 page. In this episode, we learn a bit about bumpers that are bits of audio that would generally introduce the listeners what radio station they have tuned into. During this episode, Scott plays some bumpers previously submitted for the DS106 radio. He gives a bit of insight of some of the authors of these bumpers had thought and some of their experience making their bumpers. All in all, they all differ one one another very much, but each one is very unique and are all worth checking out and getting ispired to dive into creating your own sounds.

Scottlo – LowDown: Episode9