Lovers Till the End

Creating a simple and sleek college of the two characters of my story was a fantastic idea! I tried my hardest to make the couple anonymous and without any remarkable qualities. I wanted them to represent two very average people who were in very similar places in life and had found each other They tell the story of hardship and what it means to truly count on someone to help bring you even when you cannot stand on your own.

To begin, I went to my trusty mobile app, Autodesk Pixlr and went straight to collage!

I didn’t want to have too many pictures so I went through a the layouts until I the one that would be perfect. I then set out to find the pictures. This was a little time consuming since I was looking for something quite specific. I had to refine my searches from “low poly couple drawing”, to “minimalist couple art” to find what I was looking for. “couple artwork” seemed to get me a lot farther, but the others worked really well. The image in the middle, I did a “shadow couple” search to get this specific photo.

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