Harima’s Voice

I knew what kind of dramatic background music I wanted to use for my recording. However, after surfing around on sites like Royaltyfreemusic.com and Bensound.com, I came to a sudden realization that the perfect piece of music that would be my the Japanese composer Toshio Masuda. He had composed music for the Naruto Anime and Mushishi Anime and I’ve heard much of his work. More specifically, I needed one of his pieces he did for Mushishi as this was filled to the brim with so many great and moving songs. I figured the most simplest way would be to find it on YouTube and convert it to a mp3 so I could import it straight into Audacity.

Now that I had the background audio, I needed to make the recording of what Harima would say. I used the default audio recorder on my phone to get this and when I had completed the recording, I uploaded it to my computer for editing in audacity. I had made some mistakes within my recording as well that audacity allowed me to very easily fix. I had also imported the song at the same time and this allowed me to get the correct volume levels of each audio file so I could be understood and the music isn’t too distracting. I did this easily by adjusting the sliders on the left side of each audio wave and this worked perfectly!

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