For my design blitz, I took a lot of photos and asked a few of my family members for some photos that they might have that displayed good design aspects in logos, signs or objects. To start, one of my personal favorites was of my radio controlled buggy. I had taken a photo of the side of the small scale car to capture both the logo of the company and the unique name of the model. I have the BANDIT model and the font and colors of this varies from the company name logo. Although they have their differences, they complament each other very well!

I feel that this photo demonstrates a dominacne for the simple fact being that the name of model, BANDIT, is visually larger than the company name. However, it is absolutely clear to almost anyone that views this car that it is a TRAXXAS car of the name BANDIT. Although there is indeed a size difference between the model name and company name, the name of the company will always be the primary identifier of the car. Traxxas has a greater impact because it owns the BANDIT name.

Next up is the Dell logo. It’s very simple, with just the company name and a circle around it. It also has the ‘e’ on its corner. Something very important to note as well is that all the letters are all capital and the are all connected. Whereas, there are no lines seperating a character from the one before or after it. All in all, I found this to be very minimalistic as the name and logo itself don’t generally have much of a color variance or design added to it. I’m aware that a “variance” of this design is just the company name without the circle. And I call this a “variance” becuase the change is so minimal, that it’s just the same logo without a circle.

Overall, the logo is great design! Personally, I love the minimalisitc look of logos, designs and especially of the artwork. It always look very clean, crisp, and straight to the point without having to be very complex and easy on the eyes.

Next up is the White Castle sign and logo. My mother and I love White Castle and ever time we get the oppurtunity to travel north, we always try to get some. This picture hits many of the topics on the week 2 page. But I feel that Unity is the best fit for this one. To begin, the typography of the sign are extremely unique. I have yet to see such a unique font used for any resturant logo or store name anywhere else. The color palete of the sign is also incredible! A great combination is the blue and whit as it offers a contrast and here, it’s used to outline the sign, show some shadows of hte castle logo and even the in the text.

In addition, there is a decent amount of orange that is here in which is the color to complement blue and another great combination for the white. To bring all the colors together, all three make up the castle logo, and a bit of the of the name of the franchise. The castle itlself shows two-point perspective at work as well. This is an incredible bonus as the logo already has a great selection, combination and usgae of it’s colors and an interesting font choice.

For my last photo I want to present a an image I had made for my father for his birthday last year. This comes from a homemade birthday card I had created with all of my siblings for this birthday and along with many of the card’s contents, I drew a mustang and a mechanical gear. I had found a tribal of a mustang and a gear online. I had then decided that the best design should be with teh mustang within the gear but to also leave a part of the gear exposed to open up and prevent making the horse to look contained.

All in all, I feel that with this design, it falls well within the metaphors and symbols topic. The Mustang by itself represent my father’s first real car he had bought for himself as the gear represents his ability to maintain results in life very finely a percisely.